Location =  To the west side of Albuquerque, and Back  
Distance =  65.23
Time =  4:50:21
Ave. Speed =  13.4
Max. Speed =  41.0
Monthly Dist. =    298.88
Yearly Dist. =  2987.81

I think that this must have been one of the longest rides in history, just to go and get the mail. My mailbox is only a mile from my house, but my mailbox key was in my car, and my car was at the office, since I had the company truck for the weekend. I decided to ride my bike to the office, to get the mailbox key, and at the same time, learn some of the side streets, on the way to the west side.

I rode to Albuquerque, got on the trail along the freeway at Tramway, and then missed Moon, and went over the freeway on Lomas. I wanted to take Southern, and Santa Clara, but I didn't stop often enough to look at my map, so I wandered around in the general direction of west, and south. I managed to find Southern Ave, but then I lost it, and somehow came out at Gibson and San Mateo. I headed north, and overshot Cesar Chavez, and then came back to it. I went up Bridge to Tingley, and then took the trail passed the fishing ponds, up to Central, and crossed the Rio Grande River on Central. From there it was an easy shot up Atrisco to Hanover, and I was at the office. I got the mailbox key from my car, and then headed back, more or less the way I came. I made fewer mistakes on the way back, and when I reached Moon, I went up Central on the sidewalk to Tramway, and then up old 66 to Tijeras.

It was a fun ride, without too much traffic, probably because it was Sunday. If I tried this ride during the week, it would be a lot more difficult, and a lot more dangerous, especially after dark, but it can be done. On the way back, I would want to avoid Cesar Chavez by the university, because there was no sidewalk, and it looked like there were goatheads along the side of the road. I'd need slime tubes, and liners, if I was going to commute on a regular basis.

I went up on the pedestrian bridge over interstate 40, near Coors, and took this picture.

It was a beautiful sunny day, with temps in the 60s.

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