Location =  Page Arizona  
Distance =  11.41
Time =  1:32:29
Ave. Speed =  7.4
Max. Speed =  24.5
Monthly Dist. =    328.88
Yearly Dist. =  3017.81

Arizona has some creepy crawlies. I took a picture of this sign, at a rest area.

I'm in Page, Arizona, which is at the bottom of Lake Powell, to do a job, so I brought my mountain bike to get a ride in, during the evening. I managed to get here with some daylight left, and I headed out on a trail that circles the town. The local bike shop gave me some tips on where to get on the trail, and after that it was exploration time.

I left from my hotel, and rode over to the airport, and through an opening in the fence where I could find the trail. I headed out in the counter-clockwise direction, and right away, I was thrown for a loop, because the airport was installing some new fencing, and the trail was obliterated by the construction. Instead of a singletrack, I was on a semblance of a road, that was very sandy, and difficult to ride on. At one point, I was trapped by the fencing, and had to backtrack, in order to get around it.

Once I got away from the airport, I was able to find the trail, and I followed it along the edge of some rocky slopes, that were up above the river. It was really pretty, and a little bit like Moab. The trail came down to the highway, where I crossed over to the golf course. The bike shop guy told me that I would find the trail again, near the golf cart road, but I missed it, and rode all the way around the golf course, on the cart trail. It was beginning to get dark, and dusk brought out dozens of rabbits. They were feasting on the delicious green grass, in the midst of a desert. I decided to save my headlight battery for another day, so I went back to the hotel room, and called it quits.

It was a nice evening, with temps in the 60s, but quite windy. As the sun was setting, I was blinded by riding in to the light, and I had to shield my eyes, to see where I was going. I believe that this was the first ride I've ever done, in Arizona.

I took some pictures while I was on my ride. This one was of a power plant southeast of town. I took another one, looking north toward Lake Powell.

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