Location =  Cibola National Forest  
Distance =  21.35
Time =  3:02:53
Ave. Speed =  7.0
Max. Speed =  28.5
Monthly Dist. =    94.35
Yearly Dist. =  3112.16

I haven't ridden outdoors in a while, but I have done a couple of spins in my kitchen. I finally got out today, and had a very nice, leisurely ride through the forest, with the addition of some new exploration.

I headed in at Mars Court, and then rode to, and up, the Turkey Trot Trail. I was about to turn up the road at the top of the trail, when I noticed that it continued on the other side. I followed it for a mile or so, until it joined back up with the road. There was a closed sign, at that end, but that didn't stop the woman that I passed, riding in from that direction. I rode to the 56/236 intersection, and then followed an old two track, that turned toward the highway. The two track gave way to a single track, that was very difficult to follow. Luckily, it was marked with cairns, often, but then I lost it entirely. I could hear the highway, so I persevered until I came across an old trail, that wound down into a beautiful little canyon, right next to the road. There was a creek in there with water in it, and lots of birds were hanging around, having a party. I took a power bar break there, and then climbed up to the road. I was just below Juan Tomas, so I went up J.T., instead of the highway, and took Mahogany Trail, up to Oak Flat.

It was a beautiful sunny day, with temps in the 50s and 60s. I saw what I think was a skunk, but it might have been one of those little squirrels, that look like a skunk. I didn't want to chase after him, to find out for sure.

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