Location =  Cibola National Forest  
Distance =  20.40
Time =  2:44:57
Ave. Speed =  7.4
Max. Speed =  34.5
Monthly Dist. =    37.88
Yearly Dist. =  361.44

I took the mountain bike out again, but this time I stayed on the west side of the highway. I entered the forest at Mars Ct., and checked out some of the singletrack. I was just a few miles into my ride, and feeling great, when a rock decided that it would change my attitude. I crashed hard, hurt my right shoulder, and my left knee, and pricked a finger on my right hand. The shoulder took a pretty good bruising, and drew some blood. My knee twisted in the fall, because my foot didn't come out of my pedal. The cut on my finger was small, but it bled all over my hand, and my brake lever. At that time, the shoulder felt the worst, but not bad enough to stop the ride, so I continued onward. The next day my knee was going to claim the top prize for pain, but I didn't notice it too much at the time.

I rode down to Otero Canyon, taking the extremely rocky, trail 236. I managed to safely negotiate all of the rocks on that trail, and then headed back up through Otero. I took trail 56 back up to the intersection, and I did surprisingly well on the climb. My lungs are still a bit weak, but my legs were feeling strong, and up to the task. I only had to walk a short distance, at the hardest part. With enough practice, I might be able to clear the whole trail, this year. Maybe some of the intervals that I did in my kitchen this winter, are starting to pay off.

I still had good daylight left, so I decided to lengthen my ride by going down David Canyon. As I dropped into the canyon, and the wind picked up with my speed, the temperature seemed to drop drastically. I felt like stopping and putting on my windbreaker, but I knew that I would soon be climbing back out of the canyon, so I kept on going. I headed back up to Mars Ct., just in time to catch the last bit of sun, as it dropped under the horizon.

I hammered pretty well on this ride, and was also hammered by the ride, but it felt good. If I can just continue to ride regularly, I'll be all set.

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