Location =  To Cedro Peak and Back  
Distance =  22.65
Time =  2:39:08
Ave. Speed =  8.5
Max. Speed =  39.5
Monthly Dist. =    60.53
Yearly Dist. =  384.09

This ride was a test to see if my leg is okay to ride. It turns out that the crash I had on my last ride, about two weeks ago, was a bit worse than I wanted to admit. The inside of my left knee was tender and sore, and my entire left leg would sometimes ache. I have been avoiding going for any rides, because if my leg was hurt bad enough to keep me from riding, I really didn't want to know, and also, if it was hurt badly, I should probably be resting it, and not doing any riding. I think that I passed my test, because the leg held up fine on this ride. I didn't push myself very hard, but a bit of climbing was involved, so it wasn't a total slacker ride, either.

I rode over to Oak Flat, and then down Mahogany Trail to Juan Tomas. I took Juan Tomas toward the highway, and then went up the dirt road to the top of Cedro Peak. There was a bicycle laying in the middle of the clearing, but no rider was around. It was cool and windy up there, so I put my windbreaker on, and headed down. A young woman was walking up the road back to the top. I'm sure that the bike was hers, but I don't know why she would leave it, and then walk away.

I rode back down to Juan Tomas, by way of the campground, and then headed back to Mahogany Trail. I took the other trail back, and then headed to the house. It was nice, mostly sunny evening, with temps in the 60s.

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