Location =  To Chamisoso Canyon, and Back to Oak Flat  
Distance =  25.88
Time =  2:44:28
Ave. Speed =  9.4
Max. Speed =  36.5
Monthly Dist. =    44.07
Yearly Dist. =  672.97

I left the house at 7:30 in the morning, while it was still cool enough to wear my windbreaker. I rode down the highway to the Chamisoso Canyon trailhead, and met my neighbor from the old house, Don. We were going to attempt to ride all the way up to Oak Flat, through the forest. I had tried to do this a couple of times, but had never succeeded.

I told Don that I wouldn't be going all out, because I had to play in a softball tournament later that evening. That was a good excuse for being slow. As it turned out, I could have put out more effort, because we got killed in the tournament.

We headed out on Coyote Trail, but missed the cutoff that takes you around the long way. I have to figure out where that is, because I know that it is a wonderful trail. Don had a map, but we didn't look at it early enough to find the mystery cutoff. It did help us decide which trails to take, after that. I spotted a deer cross the trail at one point, and for a long stretch of trail, there were huge turkey tracks. I would have liked to have seen the bird that made those. We climbed up Pinyon trail, which goes through a really pretty gully, and only had to walk the last couple of sections. That brought us to Bear Scat, which I knew would dump us out on Juan Tomas Rd. From there it was an easy trip up Mahogany, and we had succeeded in making it to Oak Flat. Don continued to the Albuquerque Open Space area, and I headed for home.

There was a spot near the start of the ride where we paused to check the map, and we could hear thousands of pine cones, popping open in the sun. It was like quiet popcorn. The day was beautiful, with temps in the 70s and 80s.

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