Location =  To Albuquerque and Back  
Distance =  39.82
Time =  2:56:50
Ave. Speed =  13.5
Max. Speed =  41.0
Monthly Dist. =    143.14
Yearly Dist. =  772.04

I initially wanted to go for a really long ride, but it was very windy, and I didn't feel like battling the wind, for too many hours. I decided to ride to the Sandia Labs Credit Union at Tech Park, in Albuquerque, and deposit my unemployment check, instead.

I headed down the mountain, and before I got to Pine Flat, I saw a coyote just off of the highway with a rabbit in his mouth. He was getting ready to dash across the road, but changed his mind when he saw me, and I'm glad he did, because I might have creamed him. It was a really big rabbit that he had.

I got down to the bottom of the mountain, and then headed west through Tijeras canyon, towards Albuquerque. I noticed right away that I was able to fly up the little hills in my big chain ring, and I knew that I was in trouble. It could only mean one thing, a strong tailwind, which meant that on the ride back, it would be a strong headwind. I rode on the sidewalk down Central, to Eubank, and then turned south to go to the bank branch.

As soon as I began the ride back toward the east, that headwind blasted me, and I had to fight for every pedal stroke. It didn't help that this was the uphill direction. I eventually made it to the ranger station, and stopped for a power bar break. There were about forty little kids there from La Petite Academy, summer camp, all wearing matching red t-shirts. Every one of them had to use the bathroom, and it was going to take quite a while. I headed back up to Raven Rd., fighting intermittent strong winds. I didn't push it too hard, only wanting to survive.

The wind made the day seem cooler than it was, with temps in the 70s. I wore my windbreaker the entire time.

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