Location =  Tijeras to Albuquerque  
Distance =  33.15
Time =  2:02:14
Ave. Speed =  16.2
Max. Speed =  44.0
Monthly Dist. =    176.29
Yearly Dist. =  805.19

I headed out for a road ride, to go over to the old house, and have a steak barbeque. I was going to ride to the Sandia Casino on the way, but as I headed west through Tijeras Canyon, I had a better idea. I realized that it was Sunday, and that there was no freeway construction going on, so I detoured onto the freeway that is being repaired. I had all three lanes, all to myself. It was fun cruising around with no cars to bother me. They were on the other side of the freeway, and probably hundreds of them saw me riding around. I rode to the east end of the construction, and then to the west end, and then I turned back to find an easy way down, without going back to where I started. I checked out the bridge where old 66 crosses under the freeway, but it was way to steep there to try and get down. I went back a little bit further, and there was a truck exit that I took. Most of the construction of the roadway is finished, with a few concrete barriers on a couple of bridges still to be built, and the lanes need to be painted. It will probably be open for traffic in a couple of weeks. I think that I will go back next weekend with my camera, so that I can get a picture before the cars come back.

I continued my ride through the canyon, and then headed up Tramway. I was cruising along pretty well, passing a couple of people here and there, when a young woman passed me by. I decided to see if I could hang with her, so I picked up the pace and stayed about twenty yards behind her. She had a really fast spin that I could not maintain, so I shifted into a bigger gear, and used my power to try and chase her down. I didn't let her go for about five miles, until she finally moved into the left lane, and turned into a residential area. I continued to the stop sign, and then turned right, and rode up to the Tram. From there, it was an easy cruise down the hill, and over to the barbeque.

It was a beautiful sunny day, with temps in the 80s, and not too much wind. Very nice. I was pretty spent from the ride, and from the pigout, so I accepted a ride back up to the house, rather than make the climb on my own. My legs needed a rest.

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