Location =  Loop to Sedillo Hill  
Distance =  35.78
Time =  4:25:32
Ave. Speed =  8.0
Max. Speed =  36.5
Monthly Dist. =    212.07
Yearly Dist. =  840.97

I headed out for a mountain bike ride, after lunch. It was sunny and hot, with temps in the 80s. I didn't even bother to bring along my windbreaker.

I rode over to Oak Flat, and took Mahogany Trail, to Bear Scat, to Harry's Trail. From there, I tried to stay to the east, to see where I would come out. At one point I kept making right turns, thinking that I would have to come out on a paved road somewhere, but all it did was take me around in a loop, back to the trail that I had started from. After that I took the next left, and again tried to find my way out of the forest. It would have been a good time to have had a map. Clouds were beginning to form, and although rain wasn't imminent, in two hours things could be quite different. I rode on some nice trails, through areas that I had never been to before, when suddenly an exit from the forest was in front of me. It was Longview Rd., somewhere high up on Sedillo Hill, and from there I rode down to old 66, and back to the ranger station in Tijeras.

I took a short power bar break, filled up my water, and then headed up the highway and back into the forest, at Tunnel Canyon. The sky was becoming increasingly gray, and it was especially dark to the east, over Edgewood. I rode up to Otero Canyon, and continued up all the way to Mars Ct.

I seemed to gain strength as the ride went along, which made sense, because when I started I was pitifully weak, and slow. I did really well on the steep climb out of Otero Canyon, and I still have hopes of one day clearing those last twenty yards.

When I got back into my neighborhood, I saw a lady pick up her fairly large dog, and carry it. I slowed down and said, "that's one way to take your dog for a walk". She explained that the dog was an escape artist, and wasn't supposed to be loose. I made it back to the house, and it never did rain on me. One nice thing that the clouds did, was to lower the temperature from hot, to comfortable.

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