Location =  Cibola National Forest  
Distance =  13.62
Time =  2:15:50
Ave. Speed =  6.0
Max. Speed =  34.5
Monthly Dist. =    225.69
Yearly Dist. =  854.59

I headed out to Mars Ct., for a mountain bike ride. I rode down trail 162, and then tried to go up Turkey Trot. I walked all of the hard sections. I took the unmarked singletrack continuation of Turkey Trot, and then came back to Turkey Trot on the closed road. I wanted to see if the trail was longer than the road, and it was, by a little bit. I continued to the end of the road, where it reaches the air force base, and took a picture of the danger sign. I then went back to Turkey Trot, and went down into David Canyon. I rode back to the pond, and then took trail 161 back up to Mars Ct. On the way to the pond I took a picture of this dead tree standing. I think that it was probably an old ponderosa. It doesn't look like it's going to be standing for too many more years. It's going to make a big crash, when it finally comes down.

It was a hot day, with temps around 90, and it wore me out, even though it wasn't a very long ride. Up one the ridge above Turkey Trot, a giant hawk flew out of the trees, right in front of me. I had never seen a bigger hawk before in my life.

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