Location =  To Moriarity and Back  
Distance =  66.46
Time =  4:38:50
Ave. Speed =  14.3
Max. Speed =  37.5
Monthly Dist. =    316.30
Yearly Dist. =  945.20

I headed out on the road bike, for a ride to Moriarity and back. It was a hot day, with temps in the 80s and 90s, but there was a nice breeze, so it didn't feel too bad.

I made it to the east end of Moriarity, and I was on my way back, when I realized that I had covered 38 miles without a break, and I was beginning to get tired. I started looking for a shady spot under a tree where I could rest, and I saw one at an antique store, just west of town. There was even a picnic table there, so it was the perfect place for a power bar break. After a few minutes, I decided to go inside the store and look around. I had a feeling that maybe they would have a coffee table, to go with a couch that I had just been given by a friend of mine. Sure enough, they had just the right one, and I told the lady that I would be back the next day to get it. It was curved just right, for my curved couch. The next day when I picked it up, the owner told me that it had been made in wood shop class by her cousin, in high school, more than forty years ago.

I continued on my ride, and headed back over Sedillo Hill, and stopped at an incense store on old 66, along the way. I bought some aromatic oil, and talked to the lady there about the incense. It turns out that her husband has been making it in the backyard for twenty years, and has been making a good living, selling it out of the store, and on the internet. There was a list of famous people who had bought some from him, over the years.

I went out to get back on my bike, and wouldn't you know it, my front tire was low on air. I pumped it up as best I could, and headed for the ranger station in Tijeras. I filled up my water there, and put more air in my tire, and then headed up the mountain toward home.

It was HOT, and I was glad this ride was over.

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