Location =  Cibola National Forest  
Distance =  25.69
Time =  3:59:48
Ave. Speed =  6.4
Max. Speed =  34.0
Monthly Dist. =    401.25
Yearly Dist. =  1030.15

I started out on a mountain bike ride, about 11:30 this morning. It had rained hard last night, and the ground was wet, so I wanted to wait until it had dried out a bit. It was still damp in the shade, but there was no mud. The dampness didn't take too long to go away, once the heat of the day hit. It did make the air feel muggy, not back easy muggy, but muggy for central New Mexico.

I rode to Mars Ct., and took trail 162 to Turkey Trot. I thought that I heard some voices as I climbed up Turkey Trot, but I didn't see anybody. Maybe it was my imagination. I took the continuation trail, and then rode to the plateau area, where trails 56 and 236 meet. I went down the rocky 236 to Otero Canyon, and then took the trail down to Tunnel Canyon. I wanted to be sure to get enough miles in, to make this a 400 mile month. At the bottom of 236, I took this picture of a prickly pear cactus in bloom. It goes nicely with the two flowering cactus pictures which I took last week.

At the Tunnel Canyon trailhead, I stopped for a break under a tree, and ate a power bar. Temps were in the 90s, and I had a long climb ahead of me, to get back to Mars Ct. I rode back up to Otero, and then climbed up trail 56 to the plateau. From there I took it easy the rest of the way. I saw a couple of women heading out for a ride, as I was finishing up. That's always nice to see.

This month got me back into the bike riding mode, so now I have to build on it, as we enter July.

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