Location =  Top of Sandia Peak and Back  
Distance =  72.03
Time =  8:33:12
Ave. Speed =  8.4
Max. Speed =  40.0
Monthly Dist. =    131.35
Yearly Dist. =  1161.50

I left early for this ride at 8:00am, because I had an ambitious route planned. I took the mountain bike, and headed for the Sandia Peak Ski Area. I rode up the King of the Mountain Trail, all the way to the top. I had intentions of maybe getting some chicken wings at the High Finance Restaurant, but I forgot my wallet, so that took care of that idea. I filled up on water from the drinking fountain by the tram, and then took a couple of pictures. There was quite a nice view from up there.

On the way up, about a mile from the top, I saw three guys standing on the trail. As I neared them, I could hear one of them say, "let's ask him, maybe he'll have one". They needed an allen wrench, because on one of their bikes, the handlebars had come loose. I stopped and tightened it up for them, and one of them told me that I was a life-saver, because they had to get to a wedding that afternoon, and it was going to be a big problem if they couldn't steer the bike. I was glad to help, and off they went.

I took Golden Eagle Trail down to the bottom of the ski area, and then cruised down to north 14. My neighbors Erica and Leverett moved last week to Sandia Knolls, so I decided to try and find their house, and stop in for a visit. I found it a couple of miles in, but only the dogs were home. Better luck next time. I rode back to the highway, and then headed for Tijeras.

One more stop at the ranger station for some more water, and I was ready to make the climb back up to the house. Since I was on the mountain bike, I left the highway at Tunnel Canyon, and made my way through the forest, up to Mars Ct.

I was pretty tired after this ride. Eight and a half hours is a long time to be on a bike. It was lights out at 9:00pm.

It was a nice day, with temps in the 70s to the 90s, but mostly in the 80s. Very comfortable.

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