Location =  To Sandia Crest and Back  
Distance =  59.32
Time =  5:56:18
Ave. Speed =  10.0
Max. Speed =  38.0
Monthly Dist. =    59.32
Yearly Dist. =  1259.17

Streak ride #32 is done, and it wasn't easy.

I bought some new tires for my road bike, because my rear tire had a large slice in the tread. The tires are called armadillos, because they are supposed to be very difficult to puncture. I am tired of getting flat tires, so I thought that I would give the armadillos a try. They are the slowest, heaviest tires that I have ever put on my road bike. My time for this ride was very slow, which was probably a combination of me being in weak physical condition, and the slowness of the tires. I took my time on the ride, and struggled to make the climb to the top.

I brought along my rain jacket, and some warm clothes, in case the weather took a turn for the worse, I would be prepared. I thought that I might need to put on my leg warmers and gloves, as I climbed up toward the ski area. In two places, blasts of cold air hit me as I climbed, but thankfully, they were short lived, and I was able to continue without risk of hypothermia.

I made it to the top, without once stopping for a break, or even to pee, but when I got there I was all out of water, so I made a loop around the parking lot, and cruised down to the gas station. I rode almost 43 miles, before I made my first stop. I bought a gatorade and filled up on water, and then headed for home.

It was a fairly nice day, with temps varying from the 50s to the 80s. As I walked my bike back up the dirt hill to my house, one of my neighbors on a motorcycle stopped to introduce himself. I was so out of it, that I don't think that I told him my name. I'll have to go over to his house, and explain my condition.

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