Location =  To Albuquerque and Back  
Distance =  47.51
Time =  3:50:54
Ave. Speed =  12.3
Max. Speed =  40.0
Monthly Dist. =    142.17
Yearly Dist. =  1342.02

I had a job interview in Albuquerque, and I asked the employer if it would be alright if I rode my bike in for the interview, and he didn't have any objections. The interview went well, but it is a small company, and their benefits are limited, so we will have to see where it goes, if anywhere. At the end of the interview, the employer asked me where I was headed next, and I told him "to the sports store, to buy some batting gloves". He told me that there was one on Lomas and Morris, so that saved me from riding all the way to Montano, on the other side of I25.

I rode over to the sports store, but then I decided to go to the bank first, to get some money. I rode to the end of Eubank, but that branch was closed, so I went back to the store. The gloves were priced five dollars less than at the other store, and I had a twenty five percent off coupon, so it was a pretty good deal. I've been hurting my hands lately, so I was thinking that a pair of batting gloves might help me swing. We'll see...

I left the store, and headed back up to the house. It was a warm day, with temps in the 90s, and the climb back up the hill was pretty brutal. I didn't push it too hard, because I knew that I was running low on water.

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