Location =  Foothills Trails, Albuquerque  
Distance =  18.05
Time =  2:38:25
Ave. Speed =  6.8
Max. Speed =  30.5
Monthly Dist. =    223.52
Yearly Dist. =  1423.37

I went for a ride on the foothills trails, for the first time this year. I entered at the County Line Restaurant, and tried to climb up the four short, steep hills. The trail has deteriorated greatly in the last year, and there was so much sand that I to walk up most of them. I only managed to clear one of them, and I was lucky to do that. Once I made it passed the water tanks, everything was fine.

I headed for the Embudito Canyon trailhead on the other side of the trail system, taking all of the uphill trails. It was very hot out there, and it felt like I was riding in an oven. It was breezy out, so it felt like a windy oven. It became very apparent that I had a lot less sense than anyone else, because I never saw another bicycle, the entire time I was out there.

I made it to Embudito, and then turned around and headed back, taking a more direct route than the one I headed out on. As I passed Elena Gallegos, I came up behind a roadrunner, who tried to outrun me. Unfortunately for him, I was going downhill at the time, and even though he sped up as fast as he could go, I was still closing in on him. He finally turned off of the trail, and went into some trees.

Other than the roadrunner, I only saw one guy jogging, and a family hiking, but that was it. It was easily 100 degrees out there.

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