Location =  Albuquerque Open Space  
Distance =  11.37
Time =  1:45:02
Ave. Speed =  6.4
Max. Speed =  38.0
Monthly Dist. =    234.89
Yearly Dist. =  1434.74

I had high hopes for this ride. It was a nice day when I started out, but it didn't stay that way for long.

I headed over to the Albuquerque Open Space, and started to ride in the clockwise direction. As I made my way around the sky began to cloud up, and a torrential rain began to fall. I got off my bike, and tried to hide under a tree, but it didn't help very much. I took my windbreaker out of my pack and held it over my head, but it was a windbreaker, and not a rain coat, so I was quickly drenched. The rain turned into hail, and pea sized pieces of ice pelted me and covered the ground. I stood there and watched the trail that I was riding on, turn into a river. Bummer.

The rain let up after about a half an hour, and I waited a few more minutes for the trail river to ease up a bit, before I got back on my bike, and tried to ride. What a mistake. In a short amount of time, I had about fifty pounds of mud on my bike, and the wheels wouldn't even turn. It was so heavy that I couldn't carry it, so I had to drag it out to the road. I tried to scrape off some of the mud, but it was hopeless.

All I wanted to do, was get back to my house, but I didn't want to go too fast because it would throw mud all over me, if I did. I slowly headed back, and I had a problem on the downhills, because I didn't want to use my brakes. Braking would just grind the mud into my rims, and destroy my wheels. Total bummer. I eventually made it back to the highway, and as I crossed it to get back into my neighborhood, I could tell that it hadn't even rained there. I was wishing that I had chosen to ride at Mars Ct., rather than the east side of the highway. Oh well. It did start raining at my house, about an hour later.

This ride sucked.

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