Location =  Slickrock Trail - Moab, Utah  
Distance =  12.48
Time =  2:35:24
Ave. Speed =  4.7
Max. Speed =  26.5
Monthly Dist. =    247.37
Yearly Dist. =  1447.22

I drove to Moab, to ride the Slickrock Trail, to celebrate the end of my unemployment. I'll probably start working by the end of next week, so I wanted to get in a mini vacation, before I re-enter the working class. This is my third Labor Day weekend in a row, that I've gone to Moab, and like the other two, this place was deserted. I got the same campsite that I had last year, and I made a nice home of it.

I headed out to the Slickrock Trail, and was immediately blasted by suffocating heat. It should have been a sign, that nobody else was out there, except for me. It must have been 100 degrees, and it was humid. There was a storm over the Manti La Sal mountains, about ten miles away. Luckily, it stayed over there, and didn't dump on me, although it might have cooled me off.

I did the practice loop, and then hit the main trail, in the counter clockwise direction. I put out so much energy, that I thought I was going to die. Near the end, I saw stars, and I had to lean on my bike, just to stand up. I was wasted. I skipped the practice loop on the way back, and somehow made it back to my campsite. I was definitely cooked.

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