Location =  Slickrock Trail - Moab, Utah  
Distance =  11.51
Time =  2:24:39
Ave. Speed =  4.7
Max. Speed =  20.0
Monthly Dist. =    42.85
Yearly Dist. =  1490.07

Day three in Moab, and time to get in one more ride on the Slickrock Trail, before I hit the road.

I started early again, while the temps were only in the 80s. It felt downright cool. I did the practice loop, and then hit the main trail in the clockwise direction. I stopped to take this picture of Utah's smallest arch. I didn't want to push myself too hard, because I didn't want to repeat of the blowup from two days ago, but a young woman and her boyfriend, kept chasing after me. I'd pull ahead, and she would catch me, and I'd pull ahead again, and she would chase me down again. We did this for a while, until we came to a near vertical dropoff, which I managed to take without dismounting. She didn't have the nerve, and that was the last that I saw of her.

Further along the trail I saw a couple of motorcyclists, that were bike safety patrol people. It was nice to see them out there, looking to help out people in trouble. One of the riders was a woman, and she was in shorts, and had the nicest legs that I have ever seen on a motorcycle rider.

I did a decent job of conserving my energy on this ride, and I managed to make almost all of the really steep hard climbs, and even some of the sand traps. All in all, it was a most excellent ride, and I was finally ready to head for home.

In the famous words of the Terminator, "I'll be Back!".

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