Location =  To Estancia and Back  
Distance =  100.66
Time =  6:30:00
Ave. Speed =  15.4
Max. Speed =  38.5
Monthly Dist. =    202.74
Yearly Dist. =  1649.96

I'm starting a new job on Monday, and I wanted to try and get in a 100 mile ride, before I am no longer unemployed. I was going to start at 6:00am, but when the alarm went off, and it was dark,and cold, and windy, I decided to wait a couple of hours. It was still cold when I finally headed out, after 8:00am. I had on a jacket and leg warmers.

I rode down the hill to the freeway, and then east on old 66, all the way to Moriarity. From Moriarity, I went south on the highway to Estancia. There were a couple of small dips in the road near the beginning, but after that, it was perfectly flat. Not only was it flat, but it was also perfectly straight. The road didn't bend an inch, all the way to Estancia. The shoulder was wide and smooth, and I maintained a 20 mile per hour speed, all the way there. I had a feeling that part of the reason was that I had a tailwind behind me. This was true, because on the way back, I could only keep up a 15 mile per hour pace.

There wasn't much to see in Estancia, so I stopped to take a pictures of the city limit signs, at the north end of town,and again at the south end of town.

Temps had warmed up substantially, and I took my coat off as I headed back toward Moriarity. It was a little bit more work heading back, than it was heading out, but I still made pretty good time. I made it back to Old 66, and then headed west toward home. As I rolled through the traffic signal in Edgewood, it occured to me that I had no more water, and I was quite hungry, so I pulled in to the convenience store, across the street from Smiths Grocery. I bought a gatorade, and ate a couple of power bars, and then headed down the road again.

I made it to the ranger station in Tijeras, and filled up on water there, and then began the climb back up the mountain, to Raven Rd. I felt pretty strong, and made it in less than an hour. Once back in the neighborhood, all I had left was the short, fairly steep climb up Raven, before you get to Skyland. Usually, I make that climb in my granny gear, because I am tired by the end of my rides. This time, I felt so strong, that I actually got out of the saddle, and powered up the hill in my middle chain ring. That was after 99 miles of riding! I couldn't believe it, but it felt great.

When I finally got back in the house, I noticed that the ride time was 6 hours, 30 minutes, and 0 seconds, exactly. That seemed very odd to have such an even number come up.

All in all, it was a most excellent ride.

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