Location =  Tijeras to Santa Fe  
Distance =  60.25
Time =  4:09:29
Ave. Speed =  14.5
Max. Speed =  39.0
Monthly Dist. =    262.99
Yearly Dist. =  1710.21

The destination of this ride was Sante Fe, and once I made it there, a friend of mine would give me a ride back to my house.

I headed out a little bit after 8:00am, and it was cold, damp, and dreary. The sky was very gray, and my house was in a cloud, causing moisture to collect on everything. I wore my raincoat, so I would have no excuses about making it all the way there. Once I started to drop in elevation, the cloud moisture was no longer a problem, but the wind took over in an effort to make me miserable.

I headed through Cedar Crest, battling the wind, and checking out the sky. The mountain on my left was covered with thick dense clouds, that looked like they were going to put down substantial quantities of rain. On my right, the sky was much tamer, with a few patches of blue. I was just hoping that the clouds would stay up on the mountain, and not come down and bother me.

I passes the "Y", and headed for Golden and Madrid. I was a little bit concerned with the lack of a shoulder to ride on, but it was still pretty early and there wasn't much traffic, and what traffic there was, was very respectful of me. They probably thought that I was just another insane bicyclest, out for a ride on a nasty Sunday morning.

Once I passed through Golden, the headwind became more of a sidewind, so it wasn't as punishing to ride along. I stopped in Madrid to change the battery on my mp3 player, which had quit about five miles outside of town. I was re-energized by having the tunes going again, and I continued on toward Santa Fe. The highway north of Madrid was much smoother than it had been on the south side of the town. I was enjoying myself, but things were starting to look a bit dangerous, as I continued north. Once again the sky became very dark and scary, and I was heading right into it.

As I neared the outskirts of Santa Fe, I got some shoulder back on the side of the road, and I felt much better about that. I stopped at the rip-off Shell station to get some gatorade, and eat a power bar, and it's a good thing that I did. I think it delayed me just enough, that the rain missed me. As I approached the I25 freeway, the road was wet, and it was obvious that it had very recently, poured. My tires were throwing the water up onto me, so I slowed down to minimize the effect. At least I wasn't getting drenched in a downpour.

I made it to my friend's house, and had to wait about ten minutes for her to get home, and catch my ride back to Tijeras. Thanks Ro! Trying to make the ride back on my bicycle would have been a killer.

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