Location =  To Sandia Crest and Back  
Distance =  73.46
Time =  7:27:53
Ave. Speed =  9.8
Max. Speed =  41.0
Monthly Dist. =    73.46
Yearly Dist. =  1783.67

Streak Ride #34 is over, and it wasn't easy. I hadn't gone for a bike ride in six weeks, and I was in terrible shape. I took many breaks, and it was still a huge struggle. I was running out of time in October, so I really needed to get it done. At least the weather was cooperative, with an unseasonably warm day.

I rented out my house in Tijeras, and have moved back into town. My rides now begin in Sandia Heights, once again, which add few more miles to them, but requires less climbing.

I started out early, and I was prepared for the cold. I had my jacket on, with leg warmers, and my full fingered gloves. When I got to Tijeras, it had warmed up enough that I was able to take off my warm clothes, and ride in my shorts. I took it very easy, and tried not to even work up a sweat. The climb up to the crest seemed interminable, as I crept along slowly, and stopped to rest often. At the Capulin Snow Play area, I stopped and put my jacket back on. It was substantially cooler up there, and there was even some snow in the shady spots, above 8500 feet or so.

I eventually made it to the top, and took this picture to prove it. The view was quite hazy due to a controlled burn that is going on in the Jemez mountains. I didn't stick around at the top for very long, and headed down to get back into the warmer temps. At the bottom, I rode a couple of miles up Frost Road, to Sandia Knolls, to visit my old neighbor Leverett, who moved there. We commiserated about our miserable lives, which I won't elaborate on, and drank half a bottle of brandy. I needed that, and I think that Leverett did as well.

After I was sufficiently wasted, I headed back toward Albuquerque. I only took one more break before I got home, and it was almost dark when I finally made it. I went in the front door, and collapsed on the floor in a heap. I was physically unable to move, until I had something to eat. Totally pathetic....

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