Location =  To Sandia Crest and Back  
Distance =  73.41
Time =  7:01:42
Ave. Speed =  10.4
Max. Speed =  40.0
Monthly Dist. =    73.41
Yearly Dist. =  1857.08

Streak Ride #35 is done. This was a bit easier than last week. Taking six weeks off of the bike, and one week off of the bike, are very different things. It was still difficult, but nothing like the torture that I went through last week.

Once again, it was unseasonably warm. I started out with my jacket on, but I took it off when I got to the bottom of Tramway. I didn't take nearly as many breaks as I did last week, but I didn't exactly push myself very hard. I need to get back into the riding routine. My life is in turmoil, but hopefully, it will be getting settled down pretty soon.

I managed to climb all the way up to the crest, without needing my jacket. That is unheard of for November. I was thrilled. I put my jacket on for the descent, and discovered that there was a strong wind blowing up the mountain. At least it was kind enough to be a tailwind, for the climb. Once I made it to the bottom, I detoured over to Leverett's house, to finish off the brandy that was left over from last week, but Leverett wasn't home. Bummer. I rode back to the gas station, and took a break there, and filled up on water.

I headed back for the house, and rode up the trail alongside Tramway. An older guy passed me because he was on the street, alongside the traffic. I decided that I couldn't let him do that, so I cranked it up a notch, and left him behind. I may not have been doing much riding lately, but I still have a little bit of strength that I can call upon, if I so desire.

It was a wonderful day, with temps in the 60s and 70s.

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