Location =  Foothills Trails  
Distance =  15.19
Time =  2:05:48
Ave. Speed =  7.2
Max. Speed =  29.0
Monthly Dist. =    88.60
Yearly Dist. =  1872.27

I headed out for a mountain bike ride, on a beautiful, warm day. It's been so long since I've been on the mountain bike, that I don't think it recognized me. We became reaquainted, and rode through the foothills trails. The day was so sunny and warm, that I didn't even take a jacket along. Wonderful! Especially considering it's ten days into the month of November.

It was a very busy day on the trails, with many people out hiking, jogging, and biking. I came around a curve a little bit fast, and there was a young woman on a bike in front of me. I think that she was afraid that I was going to run her over, because she raised her voice, and told me to "watch out". I saw her in plenty of time, and I had plenty of brakes to avoid crashing in to her.

Further on, I came upon an older gentlemen who was trying to walk up a little hill, with two hiking poles to assist him. He was in the middle of the trail, so I slowed down, and asked him which side he wanted me to go by him on. I was off to the right, and he just looked at me and said "you're doing just fine young fella." That made me feel good to be called "young fella," so I wished him good day, and went on by.

I saw another guy who was out walking his dogs, and he had an interesting take on the leash law. He had two black labs, and instead of holding the two of them on leashes, he had them leashed together on a short, two foot leash. They seemed quite used to this arrangement, and cooperated with each other very well.

I enjoyed this ride very much, and am looking forward to the end of me class at school, so that I can get back into the riding habit. It was an awesome day, with temps in the upper 60s.

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