Location =  Albuquerque NM  
Distance =  23.52
Time =  1:41:19
Ave. Speed =  13.9
Max. Speed =  34.0
Monthly Dist. =    92.74
Yearly Dist. =  1965.01

Don called me up and asked if I wanted to join him and a couple of guys for a road ride, starting in 15 minutes. I got my bike clothes on, and my backpack readied, and then headed out the door.

We met up with the other guys, Larry, Terry, and Roger, at Tramway and Spain, and then headed north on Tramway, down to the casino. From there we took some side roads and trails, passed the Balloon Fiesta Park, and crossed Alameda and Paseo Del Norte. We had to take a break while Terry fixed a flat tire that he had. It took two tries to get the tire repaired, because the first tube had the valve ripped out, when they removed the pump. Alameda was very busy with traffic, because westbound Paseo was shut down for some repair work on a railroad crossing. When we got to Paseo, it was weird seeing no traffic on it. I wanted to ride down the middle of the road, but I couldn't talk anyone else into doing it.

We continued weaving through the side streets, and I was glad that the other guys knew where we were going, because I didn't have a clue. We finally headed east on some trails back towards home.

I was pretty slow, but it felt good to get out and ride. The day was sunny and cool, with temps in the 30s.

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