Location =  Albuquerque to the East Mountains, and Back  
Distance =  65.46
Time =  5:10:29
Ave. Speed =  12.6
Max. Speed =  37.0
Monthly Dist. =    158.20
Yearly Dist. =  2030.47

I headed out for a bike ride at about 10:00 in the morning, and it was still pretty cold out, with temps in the 20s. I rode down Tramway, through Tijeras Canyon, and then up S337 to the other house, to pick up the mail. I rode back down the mountain, and had to stop at the ranger station, to warm up my hands. My fingers were completely numb.

After about a ten minute break, I got back on the bike, and rode up North 14 to Leverett's house, to return a book to him that I had borrowed. My mp3 player had great timing, as the battery went dead, just as in entered through the front gate. I ate a couple of power bars, and had a glass of brandy, and then headed back to Albuquerque. I had to do it without any tunes, because the spare battery that I had for the music, was dead.

I rode back on the edge of the highway, which I don't usually like to do, because there some snow on the side that has the sidewalk. Luckily, nobody ran me over.

I needed this ride to get back into the swing of things. I've ridden the trainer a couple of times this week, but it is not quite the same as actually getting out on the road, and turning the pedals.

The day was very sunny, with a cloudless sky, and temps from the 20s to the 40s.

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