Location =  Albuquerque  
Distance =  16.18
Time =  1:26:13
Ave. Speed =  11.2
Max. Speed =  36.5
Monthly Dist. =    187.43
Yearly Dist. =  2059.70

I rode down to Tramway, and then rode all the way down to the casino. There was a strong headwind on the way down, which turned into a very nice tailwind for the way back up. I made the turn at the traffic light at the bottom of the hill, and started the climb back up. I hadn't gone very far, when another rider came up behind me, and passed me like I was standing still. I wanted to try and keep up with him, but all I could do was watch him disappear into the distance.

I climbed all the way up to the Juan Tabo Picnic Area, and stopped up there to take a rest. There were some icy spots near the top, and I crossed over them very carefully, with my skinny tire road bike. At the top, a guy got out of his car with three little kids, to go for walk. One kid fell on some ice and started crying, and another was crying because she wanted to ride up on the Tram. The guy gave them the "I'm about ten seconds away from getting back in the car," speech, so they quit crying and headed up the trail into the snow.

After a few minutes, I headed down the road, again taking great care at the icy spots. I wanted to ride up to the La Cueva area, and the Tram, but my hands were very cold, so I decided to head for home. I had warmer gloves in my pack, I just didn't bother to put them on.

It was a slow and difficult ride, but I need to be doing more of these. It was cool, with temps in the 30s.

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