Location =  Albuquerque NM  
Distance =  24.09
Time =  2:23:29
Ave. Speed =  10.0
Max. Speed =  40.0
Monthly Dist. =    281.49
Yearly Dist. =  2153.76

I waited until the afternoon to start this ride, so I could avoid the morning frigid temperatures. I took the road bike up to the Juan Tabo Picnic Grounds, and managed to take a minute off of last weeks time. This time was a very slow 25 minutes, which is better than a very slow 26 minutes. I'd like to reduce that to under 20 minutes, which would be pretty good for the slow and heavy tires that I am using.

The first climb up I stayed mostly in the drops, and I had a different plan for the second climb up. I started out by staying out of the saddle, just to see how far I could make it. I lasted a little bit more than a mile, which is about halfway up. I'll try to go farther next time. I rode back down to Tramway, and then stopped for a minute to think about what I wanted to do next.

I didn't feel like going back to the house yet, so I decided to ride down to the Casino. I passed the Casino, went under the freeway, and then head down the Frontage Road toward Paseo. The Frontage Road wasn't bad because it was Sunday, but I wouldn't want to ride on it during the work week. Once I reached Paseo, I headed back up toward the Foothills, and back to the house.

Today was another beautiful sunny day, with temps in the upper 30s, to low 40s.

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